Tony Robinson backs Time Team return!

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Our mission to bring Time Team back is off to a flying start thanks to the outpouring of support from our patrons.

As we approach 2,000 subscribers on Patreon, we’re already well on our way to achieving our new target of 3,000 subscribers by the end of January! We're also delighted to have received the backing of Time Team's longstanding presenter, Sir Tony Robinson!

Tony told us: "What a great start – and all down to Tim's legendary persistence and the stunning support of the fan community. It would be fabulous to have Time Team back and I’m intrigued to see what opportunities the new online platform might bring to it. While it’s too soon to know if and how I might be involved in the new venture, Time Team is in my blood and I wish it, Tim, all the gang and all the fans the very best of luck."

“It would be fabulous to have Time Team back”
Sir Tony Robinson

Tim Taylor, Time Team’s creator and Series Producer, has announced the next stages of the plan. Watch the video below for all the details. To become a patron and join us on this exciting new adventure, please visit:

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