Enter the Labyrinth with Kate Mosse

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Joining us for Teatime Session 23 is the number one bestselling author of Labyrinth, Kate Mosse. 

In the first instalment of a revealing two-part interview, Kate discusses her involvement in the Women's Prize for Fiction (this year won by Maggie O'Farrell for Hamnet), her love of the Languedoc region of France and the inspiration behind her Carcasonne trilogy, which also includes Citadel and Sepulchre. Kate shares her love of archaeology, which began as a child growing up beside Fishbourne Roman Palace in Sussex, and explains the importance of the physical artefacts at the centre of her novels.

In the concluding part of the interview, Kate discusses her fantasy dig sites, upcoming novel The City of Tears, and explains why she thinks it is 'essential' that Time Team returns!

Part 1

Part 2

Press image courtesy of Ruth Crafer 

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