Royal Hunting Lodge?

At this week's Time Team Dig we are investigating the remains of what may be a Royal Hunting Lodge, thought to have been built during the Reign of Henry II. It may have been used up until the time of Edward III, and could have been in use throughout the period of such famous medieval Kings as John and his older brother Richard the Lion Heart. Intro to the dig by Tim As the site is a sensitive one we can't say too much about the specific location at the moment, but it is in the midlands, and has all sorts of interesting folk-lore attached to it. So was it just a Hunting Lodge or was it something a little more grand?  Can we learn anything about this fascinating period from what we find? As we are now operating on the web during our digs we will be looking forward to posting up some more in depth information during the next few days, so we look forward to finding out more about this little known site, and letting you know if we come up with anything of interest.