The Day So Far

  The Day So Far The morning of day one is always pretty hectic, especially for the geophys team! John, Emma, Jimmy and Claire have been hard at work doing some radar survey to try and determine the location of a monastic building on site. Phil is heading up Trench 1, which lies across the Western end of the structure and the ha-ha ditch. So far this trench is producing grave cuts, some re-deposited human remains, as well as small pieces of 17th century pottery. The team are in the early stages of working out how the grave cuts relate to the monastic building. Trench 2, headed up by Matt, has just gone in. No finds to report just yet, but the archaeology will hopefully throw out some good examples of medieval pottery. The team are just about to break for lunch so we will keep trench watch going to keep you all updated with the goings on!