Where are we? No. 5

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We’ve been reliving some of our favourite Time Team episodes since first airing way back in 1994. In this feature, 'Where are we?', we're sharing snippets taken from Tony’s opening ‘pieces to camera’. But can you tell from these teasers alone exactly where we are? Remember, it’s just a bit of fun, but extra points if you can name both the series and the year!

Where are we?

Tony: “A place with a special secret and it’s this: the best-preserved twelfthcentury building in Britain. This site wasn’t just home to Norman knights and lords: it once hosted some of the most legendary Saxon kings and queens in Britain…”

The answer is...

The stunning Grade I listed Oakham Castle, Rutland, which we visited in the summer of 2012. The episode first aired as part of Series 20 in February 2013.

(Image credit: DeFacto CC-BY-SA 4.0)

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